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TruWest® Credit Union Alexa Skill – Service Terms and Conditions

TruWest Credit Union (“TWCU”) Alexa skill allows you to use your Amazon Alexa-enabled device (“Alexa
device”) to obtain certain account information and (if permitted) conduct certain transactions on your
TWCU accounts. During the activation process, you input your TWCU online login credentials into the
Alexa system. The Alexa device uses your TWCU online login credentials to communicate with TWCU in
order to obtain information and conduct transactions.

By activating the TWCU skill on Amazon’s Alexa service, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth
below. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not use the TWCU Alexa skill.

  1. Registration and security for Alexa. You must register an account with Amazon by following the
    prompts on the Amazon app or website. You may be required to accept Amazon’s terms and
    conditions. You are responsible for maintaining the strict confidentiality of your Amazon account
    details and for any activity under your Amazon account. You will be required to set a 4-digit PIN
    with Amazon to access your accounts through the Skill. To protect your Accounts, this PIN should
    not be the same as the PIN you use with your debit and credit cards, internet banking, telephone
    banking or any accounts with us. Although you are not required to change this PIN, we recommend
    you change passwords on your Amazon account every 60 days.
  2. Authorization of Transactions and Inquiries. Once you have loaded your TWCU online credentials
    into the Alexa system, the Alexa skill uses those credentials to access your account information and
    conduct transactions. The TWCU Alexa skill is activated by voice commands and transmits
    information to you using the Alexa device’s automated voice. This means that anyone who can hear
    you interacting with the Alexa device can hear account information provided through the Alexa
    device. In addition, anyone that can hear you interacting with the Alexa device may learn the voice
    commands needed to activate the TWCU Alexa skill. You agree that anyone who is able to activate
    the TWCU Alexa skill using voice commands is authorized to obtain information and conduct
    transactions on your account, and TWCU may complete those transactions and provide such
    information without further verification. If you do not agree, then you are prohibited from using
    the TWCU Alexa skill.
  3. Privacy and Security. You are responsible for the security settings on your Alexa device. In
    accordance with the TWCU Privacy Policy, TWCU will provide your information to Amazon or its
    agents in order to permit you to use the TWCU Alexa skill. By installing the skill, you are authorizing
    TWCU to perform the actions and/or share with Amazon the information communicated to TWCU, or
    requested from TWCU. TWCU is not responsible for Amazon’s use of your information or the security
    of your information in Amazon’s possession. Amazon may keep a record of your use of the TWCU
    Alexa skill or actions you take using the TWCU Alexa skill. You should check with Amazon regarding
    its privacy and information security policies.
  4. Accuracy of Transactions and Information Using TWCU Alexa Skill. The Alexa service is designed
    and operated by parties other than TWCU, using equipment manufactured by parties other than
    TWCU. The Alexa service may make errors in converting your voice commands to electronic messages
    or in converting information about your accounts and transactions to audible transmissions. TWCU
    is not responsible for the accuracy of any information transmitted to you by the Alexa service or for
    the accuracy of instructions transmitted to TWCU through the Alexa service using the TWCU Alexa
    skill. You may verify the accuracy of information and transactions through TWCU’s online banking
    service, mobile banking service, or by calling TWCU or visiting an TWCU branch or ATM.
  5. Changes to the TWCU Alexa Skill Service or Terms and Conditions. We may make changes to these
    terms and conditions at any time by notifying you. Notice will be provided at our sole discretion by
    posting the revised terms on our website at If you continue to use the TWCU Alexa
    skill after we notify you of such changes, you agree to those changes. We may make changes to the
    Alexa skill itself at any time without prior notice. We may suspend or terminate availability of the
    Alexa skill at any time.
  6. Disclaimer of Warranties. TWCU makes the TWCU Alexa skill available on an as-is basis. You use
    the TWCU Alexa skill at your own risk. TWCU makes no warranty or representations of any kind
    respecting the TWCU Alexa skill including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular
    purpose. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from TWCU or through
    or from the Alexa device, will create any warranty of any kind.
  7. Termination: Your rights under this Agreement will automatically terminate without notice if you
    fail to comply with any of its terms. In case of such termination, we may immediately revoke your
    access to the Skill.
  8. Other Agreements. Your use of the TWCU Alexa skill is subject to the terms of the TWCU Membership
    and Account Agreement, as supplemented by these terms and conditions. These terms do not replace
    any other agreement we have with you including online banking.
  9. Trademark Information: TWCU’s trademarks and graphics used in connection with the TWCU Alexa
    skill are the property of TruWest Credit Union. All other trademarks and graphics used are the
    property of their respective owners.