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Why TruWest

Checking with a TruDifference


We think banking with TruWest® Credit Union is pretty great, and we’re confident you will too. We’re all about better rates, feature-rich online and mobile banking and low to no fees. When you switch to TruWest, you'll enjoy:

  • Free checking
  • Referral rewards1
  • Mobile convenience
  • Your personal eBranch
  • Cash-back rewards
  • Member deals
  • Member gifts
  • Personalized debit cards
  • And more!

It’s easy with ClickSWITCH™

Have a checking account somewhere else? ClickSWITCH is our easy-to-use online tool that allows you to add your direct deposit to your TruWest account, move your automatic payments and close old accounts, all in one place.

To get started, simply log in to your online account and select ClickSWITCH under the Additional Services tab.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to gather all of my biller, depositor and account information first?

    When making a switch, you can search for each company or institution, and the information may be pre-populated for you. However, in case your biller, depositor or financial institution isn’t found, you must manually enter in the information, so it’s a good idea to have that handy

  • Why do I need to set up my eSignature?

    We require a signature in order to securely submit the forms for each of your switches and closures. By setting up your eSignature first, you will save yourself the interruption later on and enjoy a more seamless process.

  • What is Switch Assist?

    With Switch Assist, your transaction information will be imported from your other financial institution. From there, you can select which bills and deposits you wish to switch. Otherwise, you can simply search for each of your depositors and billers or manually enter their information (company name, address, phone number, etc.).

  • Switch Assist shows a list of my accounts at my previous financial institution. Does it matter which one is highlighted?

    Yes. Select the account that you use for your automatic payments, direct deposits and bill pay. Your transaction history will be populated in the sections below based on your transactions.

  • Is there a difference between an automatic payment transaction and a bill payment transaction?

    Yes. When you authorize a biller to deduct money from your account for a payment, it is considered a recurring or automatic payment. For example, you provided your checking account number to your gym and authorized them to deduct the monthly dues from your account. Bill payments are set up through the Bill Pay feature at your financial institution, which requires you enter the biller’s information and schedule payments each time a bill is received.

  • ClickSWITCH couldn’t find my depositor or biller.

    Different financial institutions have various ways of naming billers and depositors. Try deleting some keywords in the search box. The fewer keywords, the better. For example, instead of Chase Auto Finance, try Chase. If your biller still isn’t found, you may have to enter the information manually.

  • When will my old financial institution be notified of closure of my old account?

    There is a minimum waiting period of 15 days for account closures. This typically allows enough time for automatic payments and direct deposits to be switched to the new account. Members may choose to push this date out to 30, 60 or 90 days from when they initiate the account closure. Once your financial institution receives notification, they may contact you for verification.

Next Steps

As easy as 1, 2, 3

ClickSWITCH makes it easy to move your account to TruWest

Before you switch, you may need:

  • Your account information for the account you wish to switch from or close, including the financial institution’s name and address, account login information, routing number and account number
  • Any automatic payment information, including company names and addresses, login information and account numbers
  • Any direct deposit information, including the names and addresses of your depositors

Ready to make the switch?

  1. 1
    Log in to your online account.
  2. 2
    Choose ClickSWITCH
    Select ClickSWITCH under the Additional Services tab.
  3. 3
    Close Your Old Account
    Follow the on-screen instructions to add your direct deposit, switch over automatic payments and close your old account.


We're happy to help! Just give us your name, email and phone number and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

1.Offer valid 1/1/18 to 12/31/18 and subject to change without notice. All TruWest Members will be assigned a referral code, which is available in the “member referral” area of online and mobile banking. To enter, existing member must give their referral code to the non-members. The non-member must open a membership, an online banking account and at least one qualified account between 1/1/18 and 12/31/18 for both members to receive the $50 payout. Member and referee cannot begin memberships on the same day. Qualified accounts include: Auto and Recreational Vehicle loans, Choice Checking, VISA credit card, business checking or loan, CD, IRA or money market. After meeting all eligibility requirements, an online form will become available in the “member referral” area of online banking for the new member. The new member must enter the existing member’s referral code in the online form to begin payout process. Referrals limited to 5 per member, per calendar year. Referring member must be at least 13 years of age. New member must meet account and membership eligibility requirements. A minimum deposit of $5 is required to become a member. An individual cannot be referred more than once, even if they open multiple memberships. Only the first membership opened is eligible for a payout. New member must be 13 years of age.

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