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Fisher House

July Fundraiser

Provide a Home Away from Home

TruWest Credit Union is proud to once again team up with the Fisher House Foundation to help raise money and support our nation’s men and women in uniform, veterans and their families. Starting June 28th and lasting throughout the month of July, TruWest will begin collecting tax-deductible donations both online by debit or credit card, or by cash or check at all TruWest branch locations.

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In its 28 years of existence, Fisher House Foundation has successfully supported the families of those who serve our country by maintaining 76 houses located throughout the nation. The organization has served more than 335,000 families while saving them over $407 million in expenses.

Heather Carter’s Fisher House Story

Senior Airman Heather Carter was looking forward to a long military career when disaster struck. Injured in a freak accident, Heather’s left leg was badly shattered, and her life was changed forever.

In her words: “I had been such an extrovert; I loved sports and loved life. Then the accident, and my life changed overnight, and so did I. The chronic pain forced me to isolate. I became a hermit. I was hooked on meds. Depression became rampant.  And yes, I thought heavily about suicide.”

After 14 grueling surgeries over four years, Heather and her doctors made the tough decision to amputate her leg. Her mom, Vicky Carter, quit her job to be at her daughter’s side, and took on the role of caretaker and advocate during Heather’s rehabilitation process. They stayed at Fisher House for more than a year.

Describing her time at Fisher House, Vicky said “In your darkest hours, when you think you have nowhere to turn, Fisher House offers a glimmer of hope. It was like a hand reaching down and pulling you up. You knew it was going to be okay.”

Help our military, like Heather, and their families by making a donation today to the Fisher House Foundation.