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Share Savings

We think TruWest® Credit Union is pretty great, and we’re confident you will too. We’re all about better rates, feature-rich online and mobile banking and low to no fees. When you open a Share Savings Account, you lock-in your membership with TruWest and gain access to all of the following benefits:

  • High dividends
  • No monthly service fee
  • 3 free withdrawals per month
  • Mobile convenience
1. Offer valid 1/1/17 to 12/31/17 and subject to change without notice. Referred and referring members must be at least 13 years of age. The referred member must open a membership, an online banking account and at least one qualified account between 1/1/17 and 12/31/17 for both members to receive the $50 payout. Qualified accounts include: Auto and Recreational Vehicle loans, Choice Checking, Visa® credit card, business checking or loan, CD, IRA or money market.Referred member must meet account and membership eligibility requirements. A minimum deposit of $5 is required to become a member. The referred and referring members cannot begin memberships on the same day. Referral process must be completed in online banking using a referral code. Referrals limited to five (5) per member, per calendar year. An individual cannot be referred more than once, even if they open multiple memberships. Only the first membership opened is eligible for a payout.

Select Savings

Select Savings is our all-purpose savings account designed to help you manage and meet each of your goals, whether you are saving for a down payment on a home, a destination wedding or a rainy day fund1. You can have an account for each goal or consolidate into one!

  • Competitive dividends
  • No minimum account balance
  • No monthly service fee
  • No minimum opening deposit
  • 3 free monthly withdrawals
1. Must be a TruWest member with a minimum $5 deposit

Money Market

For larger savings goals, take advantage of TruWest's Money Market Account1. Earn higher dividends, and keep access to your funds in case of unexpected expenses.

  • Competitive dividends
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly service fee
  • 3 Free monthly withdrawals
1. Must be a TruWest member with a minimum $5 membership deposit and continuing balance. Additional opening deposit of $10,000 for Money Market.

Youth Savings Account

Put your children on the path to financial success with a Youth Savings Account. Whether you wish to teach your 6-year-old the value of saving or set your teen up with their first checking account, TruWest has the right benefits to help them start their financial journey.

  • Free membership
  • Kids rewards program
  • $5 deposit covered by TruWest1
  • For youth under 18 years old
1. Offer valid 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019 and subject to change without notice.

Investment Certificate

Feeling boxed in by your savings? Our Investment Certificate Accounts, or Certificates of Deposit (CDs), offer flexible tiered rates and terms, so you can save by your rules1. Choose the certificate that works best for you, and start getting the most out of your savings.

  • Competitive rates compounded daily
  • Term options from 6-60 months
  • Greater earnings for long-term goals
  • Opening deposit of $500
  • 10-day grace period on maturity
1. Must be a TruWest member with a minimum $5 deposit


TruWest offers three types of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): Traditional, Roth and Educational Savings. Choose the option that fits your needs, and take the first step toward securing your financial future.

To open an IRA, visit your nearest TruWest branch or call 1(855) 878-9378.

  • Competitive dividends
  • Flexible investment options
  • Tax benefits available
  • NCUA insured retirement funds