Bite of Reality®

Bite of Reality® is a hands-on, app-based simulation that gives teens a taste of real-world financial realities. Participants are given a fictional persona including occupation, salary, credit score, spouse and a child, debt, and medical payments. They then visit various “merchants” to “purchase” items from housing and transportation to childcare and groceries. When you get in a bind, the credit union is there to help counsel them on their decisions and coach them to purchases that better fit their budget.

Why you should attend:


  • Teaches basic money management in a safe, fun setting.
  • Creates an understanding of budgeting and wants vs. needs.
  • Introduces the next generation to the benefits of credit unions.

Additional Information

A few more good things to know about Bite of Reality®:

  1. Bite of Reality® financial simulations are provided by TruWest Credit Union.
  2. Available to schools and organizations that serve individuals in the Phoenix Metro area.
  3. To learn more about hosting an event at your school or organization, please email