What is the TruDifference?

We talk about this TruDifference thing a lot. You may be wondering, what exactly does that word mean?

To put it simply, we believe in the sheer, simple power of helping. Whether we are ensuring each of our members feels welcome and confident, working as a team to accomplish a goal or lending a hand at our local non-profits, TruWest lives and breathes the original credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”

Breaking it down

There are a few ways TruWest embodies the TruDifference each and every day:

  • It is our pledge to provide great rates, great products and great service
  • It is our promise to cultivate a culture of caring for our members, employees and community
  • It is woven into the fabric of everything we do and every decision we make
  • It is seen every day in our volunteer work, contributions back to the community and efforts to ensure member and employee satisfaction

Experience the TruDifference for yourself

Click below to experience the TruDifference first-hand as a member1, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to see our latest community efforts and to get involved in upcoming events!


1Must have a minimum $5 opening deposit and continued balance.