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Why TruWest

Enjoy online convenience with your card

Connect Your Card

Make your TruWest® Visa® the card of choice for all the things you love online. Connect your TruWest® Visa® debit or credit card to your favorite participating streaming services, online retailers, food delivery apps—you can even use your card to pay your recurring monthly bills.

  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient

Plus you’ll:

  • Earn up to 1.5% cash back1 with the Signature or Platinum Points Visa® credit card
  • Earn a potential monthly reward if you have High Yield or Cash Back checking account2


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I set up my TruWest card?

    1. Each merchant is different. Typically, save your TruWest ® Visa® card payment information with the merchant, whenever the option is available. Please refer directly to the merchant for specific instructions.

  • Can I cancel my payment information with the merchant?

    1. Each merchant is different however, it should be easy to remove your saved payment information. Please refer directly to the merchant for specific instructions.

Next Steps

As easy as 1, 2, 3

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    More Questions?
    If you have questions about how to set up your mobile wallet, call 1 (855) 878-9378 and select option 3.


We're happy to help! Just give us your name, email and phone number and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

1Subject to program terms and conditions. All loans subject to application and approval. Visit for further information.
2Must be a TruWest member with a minimum $5 opening deposit and continuing balance. Must have a TruWest Rewards checking account. Accounts subject to approval. All Checking Rewards requirements must be met monthly (calendar month- “Cycle Month”) to receive program rewards. Eligibility requirements include having a monthly: 1) Qualifying Direct deposit; and; 2) 15 TruWest debit or credit qualifying purchase transactions. Only one rewards checking account per primary member and only one rewards type (High Yield or Cash Back) available on an account at one time. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. Program, rates, rewards, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Contact us at 1 (855) 878-9378, or visit us at
Visa® is a registered trademark of VISA U.S.A. Inc.

Slaughter Lane Branch Closure

Our Slaughter Lane Branch will be closed until further notice. Visit our locations page to find the nearest branch to you. We're sorry for any inconvenience.