Why TruWest

Experience the TruDifference

Security meets convenience with TruWest Voice ID

Our new Voice ID technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to verify your identity over the phone using only your voice! That means you can get your banking done faster when you call.


By measuring the unique characteristics of your voice, TruWest Voice ID can create a digital “print” of your voice in just seconds, replacing traditional knowledge-based authentication practices with an effortless and secure voice biometric solution.

Call to Enroll

The next time you call TruWest, Ask a TruWest® Contact Center agent to enroll you in TruWest Voice ID, and your voiceprint will be used to identify you during future calls. Give us a call at 1 (855) 878-9378.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is TruWest Voice ID?

    TruWest Voice ID is a telephone security enhancement that makes verifying your identity easier, quicker and more secure when you call TruWest.

  • How do I enroll in TruWest Voice ID?

    Simply call us at 1 (855) 878-9378 and ask an agent to enroll you!

  • How does TruWest Voice ID work?

    Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, each person’s voice is unique too. By measuring 140 characteristics of a voice, including your pitch and pronunciation, TruWest Voice ID creates a digital ‘print’ that can be used to verify your identity.

  • How is my voiceprint stored?

    We protect your voiceprint just like we protect your account information by using security measures that comply with federal law, including computer safeguards and secured files and buildings.

Financial Service Center Closure

Our McCormick financial service center will be temporarily closed until further notice. Visit our locations page to find the nearest financial service center to you. As always, you can access your accounts in Online Banking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.