Welcome To TruWest Credit Union

As President of TruWest Credit Union, I am delighted that you are joining our TruWest associates family. This is an exciting period of change and innovation in the financial services industry, and we need talented and ambitious people to help us achieve our goals of improving the financial lives of our members, their families, and the communities we serve.

Historians refer to the “industrial revolution” and other periods of rapid change. We are fortunate to be living at just such a time, a “digital revolution” when the financial services industry is finding more ways to provide better service at a lower cost to consumers. The smart phone and the TruWest mobile app are part of this change, as are the TruWest virtual banking “branch.”

But what separates us from impersonal internet only financial institutions is our superior personal service, delivered each and every day by our associates in our Financial Service Centers, Contact Center, and throughout our organization. Independent third party surveys demonstrate that our members have a level of loyalty to TruWest Credit Union that rivals the loyalty Apple Computer customers feel toward Apple – loyalty earned each and every day by our associates.

That is why we value our employees and reward them for their superior member service, initiative, and passion for innovation. Our goal is to make TruWest Credit Union a company that our employees rave about to their friends and family as a great place to work.

Welcome to TruWest,
Alan Althouse